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Starting from 800 copies
We can produce your personal virus card game edition starting from 800 copies. All we usually need is your corporate logo and your Go! Within app. 3-4 weeks you can start playing cards with your personalized card game. It is understood that our offer includes the installing of the online version under your domain.

Your personal edition of the virus card game

You have already acquired a virus card game and think that even more people should be informed about viruses in this humorous way? Or you just want them to have fun by trumping with or against each other? No problem, as you can publish our virus card game under your own label as well.
Sensitize your staff or use it as giveaway or incentive

Be it as a giveaway for your customers or for internal use to sensitize your staff for IT security matters - our individual license schemes are tailor-made for you. The license may include the adaptation of your branding as well as the optional replacement of certain viruses or virus groups by other "classics" and/ or current ones. And we can always change the cover or single illustrations.
It is understood that we take care of accompanying communications action, e.g. image media for customer acquisition. We can produce security manuals for your employees and run the public relations for launching the card game under your label if desired. Additionally, we can implement other unconventional communications action such as giveaways or games dealing with that topic. Just place your requests via e-mail at known_sense.